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November 13, 2015
Through storms and stresses this band did roam.
Dive bars did bless us, the road our home.
Four boys from E-town, we left our mark.
Gasoline our sound, the stage our spark.

But we had to go and so we did.
Six years since a show, no farewell gig.
So friends we can say, this New Year's Eve
Doc, Lan, Nash and Jay, we roll up our sleeves.

Once more round the track, the speakers will suffer...
The Sparrows are back, let's burn down this fucker.

October 28, 2009
Jay Sparrow Wins Song Quest
Thanks to your support, Jay Sparrow has been selected to write the song about Alberta in CBC's Great Canadian Song Quest.

Visit CBC.ca to see the other artists that Canada selected.

Tune CBC Radio 2 in on November 23rd to hear the result.

Thanks and Love,
The Sparrow's Web

October 15, 2009
Jay Sparrow in CBC Radio 2 Songwriting Contest

Our incredibly talented friend Jay Sparrow needs our support.

Jay has been selected by CBC as one of the songwriters to represent Alberta in this National contest.

Beginning on Monday Oct 12 we need you to surf over to http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/songquest/ and vote for Jay.

Simply select Alberta (it is in the shape of the province), Vote for Jay and for the Town you would like him to write a song about.


The contest closes on Friday October 23. If Jay is successful, he will be commissioned to write a song about the winning town in Alberta.

Not familiar with Jay's solo music? Listen here:

The Sparrow's Web

July 22, 2009
Dead Horse Disco Available NOW!
Hello All,

The new Murder City Sparrows Album, Dead Horse Disco is now available online!

Visit iTunes or Amazon.com today to get your copy!

The Sparrow's Web

April 15, 2009
Shameless Heart on Sirius!
Sirius Satellite Radio's Iceberg 85 has added Shameless Heart to it's rotation.

Click the logo to go to the Iceberg 85 page and email the DJs to request the song!

Thanks and Love,
The Sparrow's Web

April 2, 2009
New Songs Up!
Check out the player!

Songs from DEAD HORSE DISCO are up for the listening!

The Sparrow's Web

February 25, 2009
Black Hole Betty HIts #1 on Openfilm.com
The video for Black Hole Betty has hit #1 on Openfilm.com.

Help us keep it there by dropping by and having a look!

The Sparrow's Web

February 12, 2009
Micheal Maxxis Short Film Accepted to Major Online Film Fest!
Some exciting news for the Murder City camp!

Michael Maxxis's new short film Steak & Milk has been accepted to the 2nd Annual Babelgum Online Film Festival judged by Spike Lee!

Michael is a close friend and supporter of MCS having lent his talent and vision to all of our videos.

Visit Babelgum.com and cast your vote for this new indie film, some of the music for which was created by Jay Sparrow with help from the rest of Murder City Sparrows.

Good Luck, Maxxis!

The Sparrow's Web

February 7, 2009
New Live Videos Posted!
Hey Everyone,

We've just posted new videos from one of our latest shows in Edmonton, AB on the Videos Page.

Check it out now!

The Sparrows Web

January 9, 2009
Happy belated New Year!
MCS would like to wish everyone all the best in 2009.

Thanks to everyone that helped us ring it in at the Urban Lounge with Tupelo Honey.

The Sparrow's Web

November 22, 2008
NYE 2008/09
Hey Edmonton!

Get your tickets now for New Years Eve 2008/09 @ Urban Lounge. Tix are available @ Ticketmaster. Get 'em now - IT WILL SELL OUT!

Oh, and everyone should join our Facebook page. Just trust us...

The Sparrow's Web

November 1, 2008
Thanks To All
Thanks to Dilana and everyone who came to the shows all across the country for making our tour a success. We're tired and smell like the inside of a van that's been driving for 2 weeks straight, but we can't wait to do it again soon and see y'all again.

Until then, don't forget to download the new song My Ride...

Greatest Love,
The Sparrow's Web

October 23, 2008
So, there it is...
The new Murder City Sparrows record will be called DEAD HORSE DISCO.
Please visit the Shop and download the new song My Ride for FREE or launch the Player and listen to a sampler of ALL of the songs to be released!
Please add your name and email to the email list, because we have some plans for those who do...

The Sparrow's Web

October 20, 2008
October 23rd!!
You have waited long enough!!! On OCTOBER 23rd we will be announcing the name of our NEW RECORD and posting a little taste and letting you hear what this thing's going to sound like. We thank you for your patience, we really do, and when this disc is out we'll all get together a put back some whisky, smash the empty bottle, and then eat the broken glass out of celebration.

see you on Thursday.

All Our Love,
The Sparrow's Web

October 6, 2008
Canadian Tour with Dilana
We are pleased to announce that we will be on tour with Dilana (of 'Rock Star Supernova' fame) from October 15 until October 29. Look at the dates to see when we'll be near you.

Looking forward to seeing y'all soon.


The Sparrow's Web

October 1, 2008
Welcome to the New Sparrow's Web
Welcome to the new MurderCitySparrows.com.

Please have a look around, listen to some songs, take advantage of the free downloads in the store, and drop us a line on the new Guestbook.

All the best,
The Sparrow's Web